An Arduino Based Progammable Pulse Generator.

Measuring Negative and Out of Range Voltages with an Arduino Uno

Using the Arduino Uno to measure the duration of the Pukinje Fiber Action Potential

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Microcontroller analog to digital converters (ADC) typically accept voltage inputs only in the range of zero to the positive supply voltage. Voltages outside of that range are likely to damage the device. Obviously, it is possible to condition the input voltage source with a preamplifier in order to keep the voltage applied to the ADC in the required range, but in some cases a simple resistor network and offset voltage may suffice. There are a number of contributions to the Arduino forums that indicate such a solution, but they oversimplify the result because they fail to account for the interaction of the input voltage with the offset voltage through the resistor network. A PDF document detailing the technique can be downloaded:

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